What We've Built

We take pride in our work. Every project we work on get the care and attention it needs to become a website that both the client and our team feel good about showing off.

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How We Do it

  • Discovery

    We set up a meeting in-person or phone to discuss your needs. Our goal is to define as many of your requirements as possible, in order to get the results you want and to minimize potentially expensive changes down the road.

  • Plan & Design

    In an effort to get early feedback, we create a clickable prototype of your site with all of the major functionality illustrated. This gives us a great reference point to develop from and allows you to get an early sense of your project, identifying any gaps or changes before valuable development time is invested.

  • Develop

    This is where the bulk of your project's creation happens. Once we have defined a clear goal for the project, we start piecing together all of it's inner-workings. We provide you with a timeline, progress updates, and review checkpoints to keep you up-to-date and to allow you the opportunity to provide us with feedback along the way.

  • Review & Test

    Once we have completed all of the development goals, we sit down with you and do a thorough walk-through of your new site. Afterwards, you'll have an evaluation period where you can review the site at your lesiure, making note of any final adjustments you may have.

  • Launch

    Once you're completely satisfied with your new site, we deploy the site to the production environment and do some final testing, assuring you have a smooth launch.